Join us!

At the SCN2 we are aware that the value of a scientific association is given by its members. We want the associated members to be the center of the strategic decisions and of the different initiatives that are carried out.

Joining the SCN2 will give you a large number of benefits, such as to:

  • Be part of a dynamic scientific society and a growing network of excellence with presence in all kinds of scientific activities of research, innovation and dissemination.
  • Participate actively in the organization of activities and develop your own projects.
  • Attend, with important discounts or for free, to workshops, conferences, congresses or organized debates.
  • Receive our nano-newsletter for free with a monthly summary of the main activities of the nanoagenda, the projects of the SCN2 and the news of the sector.
  • Participate actively in the decision making, with voice and vote, in the General Assemblies.
  • Have access to educational and training resources on nanoscience and nanotechnology as well as the exclusive professional mentoring resources of the SCN2.
  • Be part of the job market and access other work tools such as training courses selected by the SCN2.
  • Participate actively in the nanoblog posts of the SCN2.
  • Have free access to those publications and magazines prepared by the SCN2.
  • … and we keep working for much more!

The main set of associates is made up of three types of members:

  • Ordinary members are those who have a professional relationship with any of the areas of specialization of nanoscience and nanotechnology.
  • Student members are those students of degrees or masters related to nanoscience and nanotechnology.
  • Adhered members are those over 18 years old who, without having any professional relation with nanoscience and nanotechnology they are interested in the association and want to contribute or participate in the progress and promotion of this discipline.

To join the SCN2, an entrance fee of 10,00 € and an annual fee must be paid. For ordinary and adhered members the annual fee is 30,00 €/year and the annual fee of student members is 15,00 €/year. We want to make the inscription process easy for you so, to sign up, you just need to:

  • Fill out, print, sign, scan and send us the registration form.

Before starting the enrollment process, we recommend that you read the Statutes of the SCN2 describing the internal functioning of the association and that you inform yourself about the registration process where details about the technical aspects of the payment procedure by direct debit and protection of personal data are described.

If you want to economically help our independent scientific association you can make a donation through the SCN2 donation form that we have prepared.